WAGO® Vintage 3D Wooden Puzzle 8+

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Offer your child a smart and fun activity, away from screens that enhances creativity and imagination


  • Natural: 100% Wood, Glue-Free Assembly
  • Educational DIY Toy: Enhances imagination and creativity. Builds self-confidence. Fun, relaxing and satisfying time away from screens.
  • Laser-cut Exquisite Details: when you finished the assembly, you will get a lifelike 3D wooden model.
  • Part can be painted: You can make it a unique artwork by modifying it with some paints or markers.
  • A moment to share: Spend quality time in family around a recreational and educational activity.



Patience, concentration, reflection, precision ... While catching each element and embed them in each other, your child will learn how to be skilled with his/her hands, to have a good representation of space, to think, to observe and to solve problems.


Your children will have the satisfaction of having accomplished a great work! And once the assembly is finished, it's not over! It will be time to turn it into a unique artwork; coloring the wooden pieces (with paint or markers) and let your child's imagination run wild, a rainbow color Eiffel Tower, a pink owl, a red-white-blue airplane… No limit to your child's imagination.



Alone starting 8 years old or with the help of an adult for the youngest. The WAGO® Puzzles will entertain and amaze your children while keep them busy away from screens! You can spend quality time in family around a recreational and educational activity.


Once assembled, the WAGO® puzzles are beautiful decorative objects that we also recommend using to decorate a desk, a shelf or a bedside table, as this will give more value to your child's work and strengthen her/his self-confidence and self-esteem.


Each WAGO® kit come along with clear and detailed assembly instructions in English. The number of parts and dimensions vary depending on the model:

  • Eiffel Tower (122 parts): 14.4x6.2x6.5 inch
  • Airplane (145 parts): 8.3x6.9x4.8 inch
  • Merry-Go-Round (178 parts): 5.9x5.9x4.6 inch
  • Grand Piano (74 parts): 4.9x5.2x4.3 inch
  • Ferris Wheel (120 parts): 6.4x2.4x6.1 inch
  • Owl Storage Box (61 parts): 6.5x4.1x2.9 inch
  • Vintage Camera (142 parts): 7.1x4.3x4 inch


Small Parts, not for children under 3 years old.

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