Belt extender for Clip'n'Sit® Baby Carrier

  • $15.00 USD

For larger sizes, above 43 and up to 60 inch waist, this belt extender is the perfect trick to use your Clip'n'Sit® Baby Carrier.

The Clip'n'Sit ® Baby Carrier is a one size fits all model, that adapts to your waist thanks to its adjustable belt.

However, for larger sizes (above 43 and up to 60 inch waist), you need the belt extender to be able to wear the Clip'n'Sit® Baby Carrier and be comfortable.

The belt extender is required for waist above 43 inch. To be more comfortable, we recommend it starting 40 inch.


With this 16 inch long belt extender, your Clip'n'Sit® Baby Carrier belt will be 63 inch long (47 inch of the Clip'n'Sit ® plus 16 inch of the extender).

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