BABYKIT® Beautiful hand and footprint kit

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What parent hasn’t grabbed their baby’s cute little feet and had the urge to nibble their sweet little toes? 
Well, take a little break on that before it is too late, they grow so fast!

Create a lasting and beautiful keepsake of your child with the BABYKIT®

  • Easy and fun to do, everything you need is in the kit
  • No mixing, no mess, it is ready to use
  • A forever keepsake of your baby's cute feet and hands
  • The perfect gift for parents, grandparents and godparents

The BABYKIT® includes everything you need to create the perfect keepsake:

  • 4-easy-steps detailed instructions
  • The metal container and its cover
  • Ready-to-use clay
  • More than 50 decorative accessories
  • Gold paint with its brush to paint Baby's hand and footprints
  • A time capsule to save a message for Baby
  • A little bottle to keep baby's hair
  • 3 tools to draw/write in the clay (Baby's name, date of the cast...)
  • A transparent dust cover to protect and show your keepsake
  • A stand to proudly display your masterpiece

All these beautiful decorative accessories are included in the kit:

Exquisite Details:

Frequently Asked Questions about the BABYKIT®

Is it safe for baby?

Yes, the clay boasts a non-toxic, 100% baby-safe formula.

From what age can we use it?
It is recommended to make the cast between 0 and 3 years, but there is no age limit, the only limit being reached when the hand or the foot of the child no longer fit within the 20 centimeters diameter of the container.

How long can I keep it before making the cast?
You can store the BABYKIT® before use for 18 months. Preferably store it in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Can I order as a gift?
Absolutely, no price tag or invoice are included in the package (everything is emailed to you). Simply enter the recipient's details in the shipping address.

  • If you order now, delivery between and